Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: MBTI.
I have a good sense of responsibility whenever environment I am. I consider myself successful in the sense that I accomplish whatever goal I set. In terms of supervision, I can work under very minimum or no supervision at all. I possess a self-initiative and self-driven morale that keep me going and achieving my objectives. I am an optimistic self-reliant person who has good analytical and organizational skills.
I am slow in thinking due to my perfectionist nature of doing things. I tend to waste time during preparations than focusing on time factor. My natural character of thinking rationally affects other decisions which are not meant to be thought in the same perspective of thinking. My sense of responsibility tends to differ at certain points and become a weakness because I prefer an impeccable work therefore tend to supervise others a lot to meet my demands. Through my strong attachment to my responsibility I tend to go berserk, through assumption of more responsibilities than I manage. My kind hearted nature, trying to help out with possible solutions to their approach to difficulties, some consider it as an interference to their rights and private life