Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Natural Resources and energy paper.
However, although there are benefits of extracting water for use as energy, there are certain risks and challenges as well that are associated with the extraction of this source of renewable energy (NRCan’s Role and Freshwater, 2010).
Fresh water is one of the prime necessities for all living beings and in particular for human beings. Human beings living in the cities, or for the purposes of farming and agriculture, and in the industries, require freshwater which is the main cause for extraction of freshwater from the aquatic ecosystems. Freshwater systems provide control of floods, transportation facilities, recreation, as well as waste purification (Baron et al, 2003, pp.1-15). Extraction of freshwater includes benefits for the landscapes on earth. Freshwater aquatic ecosystems are comprised of such organisms that form the food web for other living beings. These organisms available in the freshwater are both ecologically and economically important as they are diverse in form and nature. Benthic communities refer to the lives available at the bottom of the freshwater systems constituting organisms like algae, bacteria, fungi, and other invertebrates that are capable of transforming substance and energy into living forms, thus proving to be sources of food and energy of living beings on earth (Benefits of Freshwater Systems, 2013).