Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: System analysis.
If CNAQ were to introduce an online student registration system the cost saving reported would be a reduced amount of cash used to buy printing papers and the cost increase incurred would be for creating the system and for maintaining it
9. A systems analyst would like to estimate the cost of installing wireless access points in a college building. In a similar installation last year, the cost was 200,000 QAR. It is estimated that in this installation, the cost will be 15% higher. If a contingency reserve of 10% is to be included in the calculation, determine the estimated cost. Show all working.
3 The file name must include your student number, last name, initial, the course number and assignment number. E.g., if your name is Ali Al Kaabi, student number 600444905 then the file name would be: 600444905, Al Kaabi, A, CR2350 Assignment