Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: The disadvantages and advantages for study outside your country.
This paper presents an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad, experiences faced by a majority of students.
There are numerous advantages associated with studying abroad. First, since learning takes place in a different environment, one interacts with people of different cultures. This is beneficial since the student is able to understand the cultures and how best to cope with it, which is very essential at workplace. As such, the student will have smooth interaction with his/her fellow workmates in future. Secondly, the student is able to gather experience, as well as practice independence, which prepares them from school life to adulthood. Thirdly, the student may be forced to learn a foreign language, which might be an added advantage in securing different assignments in future. Fourth, while studying abroad, one can work in part-time job, which raises some money meeting personal expenses and might be an opening to a better paying job, in future.

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