Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Analysis of US to cut ‘lost pleasure’ analysis from public health approach.
In particular, the article seeks to weigh the effects of the proposed regulations on tobacco and the lives of the consumers.
The article makes various remarks on the benefits associated with the government’s intentions on tobacco consumption. The regulations will have indirect health benefits in terms of dollars. For example, reduced tobacco consumption will bring down the chronic illnesses associated with smoking. The United States’ government incurs billions of dollars in treating cancer-related diseases associated with smoking. It therefore, shows that the government’s move that will bring a “lost consumer surplus” is vital to the public. Government officials claim that the economy can grow bigger even without the revenues from tobacco trade. They claim that smoking brings an expenditure burden of curing the smoking-related illnesses. Doing away with the expenditures is far more important that earning the revenues from tobacco trade. Health care economists argue that the government seeks to benefit from its move as well as secure the public from harm (Begley & Toni, 2015). The article points out that economic growth can only be realized by a healthy and stable public. Cracking down on tobacco consumption goes far in building a stable nation focused on economic growth.