Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Bloomington IN, and corn field.
ll therefore address culture and cultural centers in Bloomington Indiana and equally draw a relationship between Indiana University students and the corns in the neighborhood of Bloomington Indiana.
Corn that refers to maize grain in the US was plant domestication by the indigenous people in Mesoamerica and specifically in Bloomington Indiana. Indeed, settlers, Tibets stopped at the fertile Whitewater Valley in 1800s to initiate the cornfields in Bloomington Indiana. Moreover, the Wayne County farmers, Tibets still embrace their traditions in course of their grain farming that include corn, soybeans, oats, wheat, and canola (Waynet Web). As such, culture and attached traditions are fundamental factors in the cornfields and in Bloomington Indiana where they are located. Indeed, even Indian university embraces this culture in its school curriculum. As such, where culture is a dominant aspect in Bloomington Indiana and the neighboring cornfields, it is only fair to analyze this culture. This culture is enshrined and preserved in Tibetan Cultural Center. Hence, culture as reserved in the Tibetan Cultural Center is a relevant topic in relation to Bloomington Indiana and the cornfields.