Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Curcumin Rich Diet Lowers The Incidence Of Breast Cancer.
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Curcumin, (diferuloylmethane), the yellow pigment extracted from the rhizoma of Curcuma longa, has been expected to posses therapeutic or preventive value for several cancers because of its antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and anticancerous effects (Maheshwari et al., 2006) Cancer incidence rate comparing the breast and prostate cancer incidence in US and India is presented in the Table 1. Date from GLOBOCAN 2000 is a unique software program which provides access to information on the incidence and prevalence of, and mortality from 26 major cancers for all the countries in the world in 2000. Thus, the cancer incidence, in people from US, is for people who don’t consume curcumin, whereas the cancer incidence, in people from India, is for people who consume curcumin….

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