Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Education of little tree.
Firstly, I like the book as it is educative since there are several lessons that can be learnt from the Little Tree grandparents. As a result, it can be applied by other children and by parents to impart knowledge to their children. In addition, it portrays the value of family ties, since with the death of Little Tree’s parents his grandparents taking him in. As a result, kinship ties are crucial in bringing up children due their dependency. In addition, I am attracted by the simple lifestyle that the grandparents live, as it proves that not much is required to live a comfortable life and provide for ones’ self and other dependants. Moreover, the book teaches on how one should view the world and live at peace and harmony. Harmonious living is taught in the book through portrayal of the Cherokee way of life. Through the knowledge learnt from the book, it plays a key role in demonstrating the importance of interpersonal relationships, the Cherokee way.