Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Events Leading to the Creation of DHS.
In a quest to prevent similar events as those of 9/11, specifically through assessing the events and circumstances that facilitated the orchestration of such a massively deadly event, the government was willing to assess any options and allocate any resources necessary that would prevent a similar occurrence.
As such, the government had three main options to choose from that included sharing of power between various agencies, leaving the overall control to the White House, or establishing a congressional control. Critical decision was impending bearing in mind that the country was facing a challenge that was bigger than any natural disaster the country had seen before. This was bigger because in the history of the U.S, the only agency that had been mandated primarily to deal with terror treats was FEMA but it was still small as its capabilities were only domestic. Such previous ideas suggested that handling future possibilities that are connected with protecting the lives of Americans would require a broader entity. This suggested amalgamation of various agencies with the key idea in mind being central coordination of activities and sharing of information rather than centralizing the idea on mere control.