Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Feminism in Much Ado about Nothing.
Beatrice embodies feminist values and virtues. It is only Beatrice, who can penetrate through the high egos of Don Pedro and his gallant soldiers, at the beginning of the play. She shows her hatred for the high macho gallantry which the returned heroes use to hide their lust. She is also aggressive in her rejection of any possible suitors (Shakespeare 257). Beatrice does not male but is just interested in countering the use of masculine wisdom and deception as a means for domineering her. Beatrice stands out as an attractive character, with her independence and her command of wit and wisdom (Jajja 112).
&nbsp. Hero has almost no chance for a dialogue in the play.&nbsp. When Leonato tells Hero to recall what she was told about how to answer the prince, she just stands silently agreeing to her father’s decision.&nbsp. Later on, while preparing for her wedding, she asked God to grant her the happiness to put on her wedding dress. It implied that she could not get happiness on her own (Shakespeare 257).&nbsp. Hero’s appearance was apparently her greatest advantage because it was the reason for Claudio’s attraction to her.&nbsp. He developed love feelings for her at first meeting due to her beauty.&nbsp.He made investigations into her character only after looking over her &nbsp.(Celis 103).&nbsp.He decided to get Don Pedro to ask her father to allow Hero marry him, being determined to marry her.&nbsp. Hero accepted the will of her father, making her appear dependent on others for her crucial decisions in life.