Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: The Merchant of Venice.
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It is a mixture of comedy and drama, a story about love and hate, written between 1596 and 1598. This 2004 color DVD-Video can be easily found at any DVD store or library, with English language (Dolby digital 5.1) and French subtitles, it is a delightful 131 minutes entertainment.
The English screenwriter, documentary film maker and director Michael Radford born in India, in 1946, to a British father and Austrian mother. He has directed the remarkable film Il Postino (Academy award nominated director), and numerous other ones as White Mischief and Dancing at the Blue Iguana. His reputation as a director is very well recognized and the critics of his adaptation of The Merchant of Venice are superb (Michael Radford, from Wikipedia). Simultaneously, the French cinematographer Benot Delhomme makes honor to his brilliant career by enriching the film with his talent. Delhomme graduated in 1982 from Ecole Nationale Suprieure Louis Lumire, and he has an extensive list of films, such as “Trois garcons sur la route” (1983), “Artemisia” (1996), “The talented Mr Ripley” (1998) and “Miss Julie” (1999). His awards include Camerimage Golden frog nom in 1993 for “Mui du du xanh”, Csar award nom 1998 for “Artemisia”, and Chicago IFF Special Jury Prize 2001 for “Ni neibian jidian” (Internet encyclopedia, 2007).