Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: – Waco Electronics.
Waco Electronics has both current and prospective customers. The business updated the company’s website in December 2012 and included all services and products for both current and prospective to view. Customers can place orders or request for repairs on the company’s website. According to Khan and Quadri (2014), customers are the main reason for the existence of the business without which it cannot exist. Wako has 1,105 customers. the company has maintained a service database used to determine when a customer needs a particular service.
Vendors are firms and individuals that provide goods and services to Wako Enterprises for resale. Vendors could be manufacturers of inventoriable items which they sell to Wako Enterprises for resale. The client company makes purchase contracts with the vendors in order to supply the required goods and services (Deng & Chi, 2012).