Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Clinical formulation.
sible for psychological therapy to be friendlier and more optimistic compared to that favored by psychodynamic or behavorial practitioners (Timulak, 2011). PCT differs significantly from the cognitive-behavorial (CBT) and psychodynamic therapies because it holds that individuals would be better assisted if they were motivated to concentrate on their prevailing subjective understanding instead of someone else understanding of the situation or some insentient motive (Tasman, 2013). Rogers had a strong conviction that to improve a client’s situation psychologists should be warm, honest and empathetic.
In my initial phone consultation Mary revealed that recently she could become nervous in crowded places and becomes anxious and agitated when travelling in a car. This was usually linked with sweating, becoming clammy, feeling faint, wanting to get out of the car, feeling distressed, thinking that she was in danger and thinking that she was going to die. Mary also described her relationship with her mother, whom she was in regular contact with, but who has untreated “depression.” Mary’s main approach to coping with her stress and anxiety is through work and keeping busy. Her father left the family when she was five years old and never returned. Her mother appeared to blame her for her father leaving and soon became depressed, agitated and overly critical of her.