Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: India”s Today.
be able to deal with future coercion and challenges, India has to modernize its military and establish structures that are able to undertake network centric combat in air, land and sea (Chandramohan, 2014).
The South Asian region is one of the major unstable areas because of the fight against terrorist group Al-Qaeda as well as Taliban on the Pakistan-Afghanistan boarder. There is escalating Talibanization in Pakistan and political instability in Myanmar, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka accompanied by propagation of small arms, which poses threats to the stability of the region. In addition, the ever-unsettled territorial disputes with Pakistan and China and the increasing threat of the Maoist uprising in heartland add up to the problem. This prevailing environment therefore requires India to prepare for a two front war. In addition, there is need to increase modernization to match the rapid military advancements of China as well as those of Pakistan that are being fuelled by the need to fight extremism in its country. This therefore means more funding is necessary for the achievement of this goal as in the recent years the allocation was too low causing slow advancements and development