Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: One Dark Night.
ught about this many a time, but he always gently explained to be that he was only this way because he cared so much about me, and wanted to make everything perfect for me. Somehow, he always managed to convince me, either by sweet-talking me or by some sort of romantic gesture. And I always fell for it.
Back at the time, I believe I knew in the back of my mind I was unhappy, but I wasnt willing to admit it even to myself. My appearance and behaviour did not give me away- I was always perceived as the perfect wife who mastered everything from cooking to doing the house chores and everything else (my husband also told me I was “not too shabby” between the sheets). I was constantly being flattered about the house, the food I prepared for our friends and often to my husbands business partners, and it was not uncommon for other men to stare at me and compliment me on my looks, sometimes in inappropriate ways I sort of enjoyed. Of course, my husbands reaction would always come shortly thereafter. He would always make sure that everyone knew that Im his wife, and always did it aggressively, telling the man who flattered me to back off because I am his. This was sometimes followed by a push or a shove. This seemed very bizarre to me, since my husband was anything but violence. I dismissed it by saying to myself that he loves me so much, that he would do anything to protect me, even if Im not in danger. And I also rationalized it by saying that his manly ego wont stand it if another man came on to his wife. In that way, I thought to myself, men arent any different than they were when mankind began. The male is always the dominant one, and doesnt let other men get to close to his wife. Thats why he “marks” her as his territory and guards her well. If only I knew beforehand how right I was…

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