Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Technological Artifact Analysis.
The only slightly raised features are the square directional pad in the middle, the three dividing bars between the keypad rows and the lens insert for the camera on the back.
At first glance this artefact looks impressive. There is nothing elaborate or fussy about the design, and every visual aspect tends towards simplicity and sleekness. There are no garish colors, and so it would not appeal to young children. One notable review of the product observes that it is an adaptation of the earlier, popular Nokia 6300 model and highlights the styling as its best feature: “the 6700 is a beauty, made in the same style but with a more attractive and much daintier face” (PhoneArena Team, 2009, p. 1). This is an interesting comment to make in connection with a cell phone, since this artefacts is a functional object, and one might assume that it would be marketed on its technical features rather than the design of the casing.