Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: The case against hurting others.
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The focus is on the concept of “How would you like it if someone did that to you?” (Nagel, 1987. p. 64). The point emphasized by Nagel here is that a person should endeavor to step into the shoes of the other individual. Then the perspective of reality would become evident, and perhaps, the action could be avoided. He further argues that people fail to appreciate the viewpoint of the other person because their own orientation about the facts is not only specific, due to being a different person altogether . Kant on the other hand, almost refers to the doing of these acts as an act of duty, wherein a person would be internally compelled to undergo a task. He feels that it is important to take heed of situation as a consequence of one’s internal drive, instead somebody from the outer world forcing an action.&nbsp.Nagel also tends to believes that the concept of majority is a more generalized concept, and cannot be left at the whims of individuals. Universal good, though is not clearly defined, yet it exists as unison. It is only for a person to explore the same in appropriate conditions and circumstances, whereby the true inner persona of the individual will come out. In the context of hurting others, this is a very important stance, the fact remains, that of there is a concept of universal good, then a person should not harm others in the first instance. Therefore, he should make that realization earlier in, and should begin to establish the norms that would help him world….

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