Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Gender Criticism and Frankenstein.
other words, the work of Mary Shelley, specifically in context to Frankenstein, can be critiqued for being male dominating and critically chauvinist in its character. The protagonist and the antagonist, both the main characters of the novel around which the story revolves, are male characters, which suggest the biased sense of character in the book. The women mentioned in the book solely perform a supportive, yet a subservient role to the picture. Moving past the characters, the themes of the text also portray gender anxieties. The obsession with nine months, for instance, which Victor takes to create the monster, clearly reflects an issue with gender complexities, more of which would further be expanded on in the paper.This implies that Shelley was of the view that though women is the weaker gender, yet her role can`t be ignored in entirety to smoothly run the system. The other supportive roles, comparatively stronger in nature have been naturally attributed to men in the story. This biasness attributed to gender roles can be related in context to Shelley`s personal life, which was dominated by two male figures, her father and her husband.