Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Nuclear Energy disasters and the effects on the Environment.
This notion continued until 1803 when an English chemist John Dalton revitalized the old notion and used it to explain various problems, which chemists at that time were struggling with. Rather than any of the experiments resulting to the idea, it surfaced from analysis of several experiments involving chemical reactions and properties of gases. Daltons theory became popularized and established experimentally in the course of early 19th century (Rogers, 2013).
Most of the points mentioned above are still recognized by most current scientists, except for some few points. First, the radioactivity and nuclear fusion/fission discovery resulted to revision of point (b). Isotopes confirm that atoms of a similar element can in reality exhibit small disparities because of a diverse number of neutrons (Mara, 2011). In addition, the ions’ existence with unreliable electrons’ numbers also contradicts this point.

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