Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: The Disciplinary Literacies Project.
For instance, within the wholesome body of being a doctor, some doctors choose and study to become dentists, surgeons, or simply perform regular operations, and many other branches. As such, the responsibilities of many doctors are beyond that of the patient (Viklund 96).
This trade publication has sought to explore on the general study of doctorate professionalism. Being a doctor is often considered tremendous and tedious. However, many people have managed to devote part of their life and time to engage in studying to become doctors of varied categories in the world. As such, it is upon the nature and innate calling for one to engage in the tedious and time-consuming profession of being a doctor. This profession is mired by its professional ethos, something that has often made it to be a profession with credibility, ethos, legitimacy, and of high value in the human society.