Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Are the virtues of justice, prudence, and beneficences suffient for a good life.
Secondly, it leads people to become biased to the attitudes and interests of the society rather than helping them to act impartially with all human beings. Lastly, the view of Adam Smith is unclearly justified.
This essay will analyse Adam Smith’s views about living a good life and its criticisms. First, the essay examines Adam Smith’s view on the issue and its strengths and weaknesses. The essay will also highlight the criticisms of Smith’s view and their strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, it will provide my position about the issue. In this essay I will conclude that the virtues of justice, prudence, and beneficences are very essential. but they are not sufficient for a good life. Other considerations that need to be observed include rationality, human development and scientific approach of solving problems. These additional factors work with the moral virtues suggested by Adam Smith to enable the society achieve good life while meeting the interests of human beings without bias. Being happy is enhanced by living morally and having enough resources to support individuals and societies to solve their problems and resources. Therefore, human development in terms of social, economic and political advancement supports human life and enables people to live morally and happily.