Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Compare and contrast the character of the state in two Euopean countries with particular reference to the link between nation and sovereignty from Britain, Fra.
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These premises will help in building towards the relevant theories that link the nation and sovereignty that support the definition of the character and nature of the two states that have been studied in this paper.
Political legitimacy was a firm belief that emanated from various political quarters following the French Revolution in this country. Federalism is essentially a concept surrounded by political philosophy in the politics of France. This has special importance as far as sovereignty is concerned within the nation. According to this concept, a nation that follows federalism is one that believes in binding it various people, from diverse corners of the world, together. (Gill, 2003) Federalism is that system which brings people together under the able guidance of a representative who puts forward their issues without an iota of partiality. Under federalism, the nation looks at each of its citizens as equals and as brothers who are bound together geographically as well as in respect of national sentiment. The nation thus follows federalism is one that follows the principles irrespective of age, caste, creed, race, origin or color. The basic nature that has come up in the definition of the state in the case of France is one that adheres to the structuring of an international culture and society for politics that has to do with the building and propagation of new ideals. This has been well administered in France through the use of federalism so as to garner support and ideas from various quarters. (Hirst, 2001)