Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: ESUS 3 assignment.
Similarly obesity adversely affects the health of an individual by increasing various cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks, stroke etc, psychosocial problems, orthopaedic and respiratory difficulties.
B. Obesity is measured as the main reason for damage of mitochondria required for metabolism and energy regulations (Bailer, 2015). Obesity is considered as the interaction of the social, cultural, genetic predisposition and environmental influences.
C. The European court of justice suggests that Obesity should not be treated as the disability. The causes of obesity may demand for discrimination protection. The insurance department was of the opinion that people cannot claim insurance for receiving the disability benefit only because they are obese. The claim management is required to investigate various aspects and parameters of obesity and its impact on the morbidity psychosocial problems. The American Medical Association revealed in their research that obesity is considered as the illness and it can be considered as one of the factor contribution towards development of disability, but it cannot be regarded as the only factor.

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