Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Green marketing of small and medium enterprises (SMEs): The effects of green Perceived, green perceived risk, and green trust on purchase intention 06283.
Such impacts would affect the lifestyle of future generations. The green marketing concept in the current paper is analysed based on the factors such as green value, green trusts and green risks. These factors are seen to create adequate impact upon the purchase intensions of consumers which ultimately derives organizations to undertake various green marketing strategies (Ginsberg and Bloom, 2004).
The growing changes in climate and the depletion in the quality of vital resources such as air and water have led the human race become alert of their activities. Unless the current generation takes drastic steps for the preservation of important resources, the future generation would not be able to thrive comfortably (Gupta and Ogden, 2009). Monitoring and controlling the environmental impacts of commercial activities is much necessitated (Rahbar and Abdul Wahid, 2011). Hence, environmental studies and formulation of strategies by which sustainability practices are ensured becomes necessitated. There are a growing number of organizations across the globe that undertake the green initiatives in their day to day activities and while developing long term plans in respect of production and operations. Green marketing has therefore become an important objective in the commercial realm, which encourages researchers and students to undertake studies related to green marketing (Chen, 2010). The current project analyses the importance of undertaking green marketing initiatives. the risks, trust and perceived value of green marketing that impacts purchase decisions and how various small and medium enterprises (SME’s) meets the green marketing initiatives. The study can be considered to provide valuable insights regarding how SME’s contribute in meeting green marketing initiatives (Pickett-Baker and Ozaki, 2008). The findings from the current study may encourage students to undertake future research works related to the same subject matter. The study

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