Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Information system and Information technology coursework assigment : Hants Hotels.
Information technology is now a major player in hospitality industry. It opens the door for easy communication. it makes booking a lot easier, and billing becomes easy (Nikolis 2008). Hotels were used to booking customers through telephones but even that is now obsolete. Information technology has made it possible to book customers online and through the help of the same, payment can be done online. Advertisements are now largely dependent on Information Technology particularly in the ‘internet’. The customers can now exercise their judgment on which is best suitable hotel base on their needs. The availability also of internet in the hotels can make it easier for the customers to communicate with their business partners or just keep in touch with their family back home (Nikolis 2008). Today as industries are becoming more and more dependent on Information Technology, the need for a dependable Information System becomes even stronger. If there be any business that is completely dependent on communication it is the hospitality industry. It thrives on keeping in touch with the world. Globalization is one factor that has led the hospitality industry to depend on effective or effectual and dependable Information System (WJaegel 2008).

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