Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Youth Inclusion Programs.
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The impetus behind the launch of the panels was to prevent the youths from becoming involved in crime rather then dealing with the aftermath once they are in the system. The Panels are multi agency groups with many working on a voluntary basis after support services and other interventions for children and their families. The original pilots were paid for through the Children’s Fund operated by the Department for Education and Skills. The key role for the Panels is to construct a package personally geared to each individual of proposed methods of support and interventions. This package has become known as the integrated support plan. Key workers are responsible for assessing the risk and for co-ordinating the package. Children and families wishing to avail themselves of the YISP services have to consent to a referral and assessment. Co-operation with the support plan is also voluntary. In order to achieve the best result the YISPs try to encourage the children and parents and carers to be involved in every stage of the process.

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