Complete 7 page APA formatted essay: Aaudiences have been Researched in Terms of Media ‘Effects’.
This essay stresses that&nbsp.the existence and the development of the phenomenon on a continuous basis can be explained by the fact that media can influence the public view on all issues represented through them (social, cultural, political, financial even interpersonal). in this context, media is considered to be a valuable tool for all politicians, managers and every other part of the population that is interested to gain the trust of the public and influence its view regarding specific social and political events. Because of the importance of the media in daily social activities a series of theories has been stated regarding the potential interaction of media with personal and social life. On the other hand, appropriate empirical research has been conducted aiming to highlight the importance of the media for the development of public’s views on specific social and political issues.According to the paper findings& can influence the development of public opinion on a variety of social, political, financial and commercial issues. however in order for such a target to be achieved it is necessary that appropriate preparation of the relevant schemes is taken place in advance. careful planning is required because it is possible that the whole effort is led to a different outcome.&nbsp.The methods used by media for the development of specific public opinion is therefore of crucial importance regarding the response of the public to specific social and political events.

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