Complete 7 page APA formatted essay: Edward Hopper’s paintings.
His paintings did not gain any recognition or income, as most of the people during his period were not interested in the realistic style paintings. He struggled to gain identification but was less successful in his attempts of exhibiting his artworks to the people. In 1923, he met Jo Nivison, who was an artist and later his wife, brought a breakthrough into his life. She modeled for nearly all of his paintings, and acted as a strong moral support to him in his career. Soon, he began his second gallery show at New York, a one-person exhibition, where he was far more prosperous and his works became more prominent, making it a commercial success. The reputation of his paintings soared in the coming years and in 1930, his painting, House by the Railroad, was placed among the permanent collections at the Museum of Modern Art. In his lifetime, he created more than 800 paintings, watercolor prints as well as many drawings and illustrations. Most of his works presented New York City architecture, with stark interpretations of American life. “Hopper sought and explored his chosen themes: the tensions between individuals (particularly men and women), the conflict between tradition and progress in both rural and urban settings, and the moods evoked by various times of day.” Even though most of Hopper’s works were done with oil painting, he also mastered the technique of etching, which brought him commercial success. His works embodied an eerie mood of stillness and a sense of estrangement.