Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: Epilepsy and Behavioural Problem.
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Epilepsy and behavioural problem is very tightly connected, and the paper has been very innovative in the context of information on this issue, emphasizing that “childhood epilepsy is a biologically based risk factor that is associated with child behaviour problems and family adjustment problems” (Pianta and Lothman,1994) This has been a very critical problem, predicting adjustment problems in children with epilepsy has been difficult, as the medical and disease related factors such as seizure type and frequency, age of onset and medical toxicity have not proven to be significant useful predictors. The paper is very relevant and appropriate from the point of information which the literature provides with the focus on the parent-child relationship and behaviour problems by examining the children with biological risk. The information is significant and valuable, as child-parent relationship predict the development of behaviour problems over and above the influence of disease-related factors, even for children at considerable biological risk.

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