Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: Physical security designing.
The bank is situated at intersection of the W 19th street and the Madison Avenue. The bank is located on a ¼ acre piece of land. The banking building has two floors. Within the banking compound is another small room that is used as the generator storage room. A parking space is also available in front of the bank. The main building in which the bank is located forms the perimeter fence of the banking compound separating the bank from the neighboring streets. Bordering the bank’s parking space is a vintage building that is used for various services including computing and photocopying shops. Across the street lie other businesses, mainly hotels and fast food outlets. On the rear side of this building. where the generator is located, there is a bordering access street. There is no direct entry into the banking compound from this access street. Within the vicinity of this bank is a police station, strategically located near to respond to any security issues. A hospital is also a few blocks away. There are two filling stations along the neighboring streets. The Madison Avenue hosts many businesses including grocery stores, drug stores and general retail shops. There are also schools and collages within the town.