Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: Privacy and Dignity of Older Patients.
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Some of the feedbacks were negative, and pertains to their loss of dignity, and the non respect from the practitioners. From the survey of the older patients, it showed how they perceived the experience. The focus of the article is on identifying the ways of preserving the dignity and the respecting the privacy of all the patients.
The team employed interviews and questionnaires so that they would be able to gather the patient’s outlooks regarding their preference. One of the aspects involved is the preference of the patients to be wheeled to the toilets rather that using the commodes. The factors of the privacy and dignity preservations were discussed, as well as their best practices. The factors included are (1) attitudes and behaviors. (2) personal world and personal identity. (3) personal boundaries and space promoted by all staff. (4) communication between staff and patients. (5) Privacy of patient-confidentiality care of patient information. (6) privacy, dignity and modesty. (7) availability of an area for complete privacy.