Complete 9 page APA formatted essay: Electronic Filing: Smart Handling Of Business Documents.
Details of the company name, registered office, directors, shareholders, secretaries and all other staff members can be entered and then electronically filed using secure methods of data transmission. The e-filing process is really easy and takes a very little time and all you have to do is fill up your tax return form online provided and the other required information about income, expenditure, and savings. Filing tax returns online is the easiest and the simplest method and all one needs is to log on and follow the simple instructions. An electronic filing system is a system of organizing files that utilize hard drive space or network space. The system may either be computer software, an Internet-based program, or a simple file and folder system on the desktop of a computer. Electronic filing systems are used on multiple devices, ranging from our cell phones to our video game consoles to our digital video recorders. As with most things, it is important that the filing system should be fit for purpose. This is where consideration of the types of the workspace is used. A filing system which reflects the particular way in which you work may be appropriate for your individual workspace – after all, if it is being used appropriately it is only you that should ever need to use it, so what suits you is all that is really important (Wilson 34). It certainly wouldn’t be appropriate to set up a section of the group or corporate workspace along these lines for all the same reasons discussed with regards to the use of appropriate file names. Certainly when it comes to your group/firm workspace consultation and collaboration should be the name of the game. If you are responsible for setting up a filing system for your department or area it makes sense to first see what work has been done or is currently underway at the corporate level (Norwalk 21-25).&nbsp.