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Complete 9 page APA formatted essay: U.S. Immigration Sources.
Some of the reasons cited as the negative effects of immigration include being a threat to American culture and traditions. However, overall, approximately 75% of Americans are favoring the opinion of giving the illegal immigrants an opportunity for the legal status and a path to citizenship. The overall progress that has been made by the president includes a proposal for the illegal immigrants to wait at least thirteen years before they could get the chance to apply to become citizens.
This source is credible since it presents all sides of the controversial immigration issue before deducing any conclusions. The main political parties’ take has been evaluated and the potential effect that the issue may have on the outcome of those parties. The overall progress that has been made by the president is also evaluated to ensure that information from all concerned parties is available. Furthermore, the public’s view on this issue has not been ignored in the case because American’s views make a significant impact on the outcome of most issues.

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