Compose a 1000 words essay on The Evolution of the Justice System. Needs to be plagiarism free!
The essay shall explore the justice system from conception, evolution and its impact on the United States judicial system. The justice system has evolved a lot since its inception into the society. When colonialists first arrived in early America, there was no form of law anywhere and it was a case of survival of the fittest. The land was filled with outlaws and this gave reasons for the rise of the county sheriffs. Soon after, courts were established and lawyers who had immigrated from England started practicing law. The sheriffs categorized crimes into two groups namely, misdemeanors and felonies. The courts were similar to the courts found in England in that both courts comprised of judges and a jury. Some courts had one judge presiding over cases while others had ten judges. In the case of the ten judges, there was no organization and conducting matters was difficult. The courts led to the establishment of county cells and prisons. The main distinction between the cells and prisons is that the county cells were meant to hold petty offenders and suspects while they awaited trial. After the case proceedings ended and the verdict was passed, they would be taken to prison. This is similar to the modern justice systems since courts and the sheriffs still exist. Sheriffs normally operate in the counties since their role has since been taken up by the police force. In the modern era, there are courts, judges and lawyers who strive to make the country safe by convicting criminals. The main difference between the old form of justice and the modern way is the form punishment that was administered. In the Middle Ages, there were various forms of punishment most of which were barbaric. They included mutilations, corporal punishments and death by hanging. Fast forward to modern times and these forms of punishments were abolished and prisoners are sent to prison for rehabilitation and not condemnation. The highest legal institution in the country or state is the Supreme Court. It is usually the last place where a dispute can be resolved if both parties have not come to an understanding.

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