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When tight spots emerge, they have nothing to say. Chances are high, that young ladies and young men, will need to know how imagination, fantasy, and faith are being explored and exploited, or put into action as apparently realistic, at times grotesque in some symbolic works of fiction which may serve them well when opportunities surface.
In story books, tales often compel the readers to picture things that came to pass and may come about using representations, similar to what authors’ do. For example, “Bontshe Shvayg” (146-151), is purely a product of the author’s imagination in addition to borrowed ideas from the authors of the scriptures. In ‘The Story of a Young Man’, “What is the soul’ (93), the author projected his mind’s thoughts in terms of a boy at the tender age when it comes to the question of what happened to the soul after death. Most readers also who would examine the story are set and framed to view things the way a child would also be able to picture death, soul, and ascension having been given the symbols of water, cloth, ‘The Story of a Young Man’ (94), “Souls are flying, souls are flying!”, flight, and akin to some small birds ways where they can be seen in still pictures portrayed to be seeping some water, wipe its bill on some dry grasses, and then fly and soar high until when it is beyond one’s sight. The symbolism may be low key to some, but, it shows how allegories are by themselves effective whether one is young or old to communicate the message that authors want to deliver whether they are appreciated or not.