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despite these circumstances, those who are left have to learn to survive and find the reason for their existence, or at least will be lead by fate to that reason. “Your Fate Hurtles Down at You” reflects more of the life that is comparable to the sting of cold in an icy setting.
The setting of the story may not just have been a chance choice for the author to develop what he wanted to communicate to his readers rather has been carefully considered to put emphasis on his points. First, Davos is a place which is perfect for the research about ice and snow because of its geographical make up. Although some important parts of the story did not occur in the same area, the settings are similar in that, they are prone to avalanches. This circumstance is what the author uses to emphasize the title of the story, used as a metaphor. As an avalanche falls anytime without warning, fate hurtles down inevitably on people, whether they like it or not.