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Unlike most of his former works, Herve Guibert also put forward a feature well known as L’Image fantome (Minnuit, 1981).
There are several reasons why the collection L’Image fantome can be said to constitute a narrative about Herve Guibert himself. One of the key reasons is that the author uses text in this discourse to discuss photography, which is his passion. He further establishes it as a key thematic preoccupation where he reveals to the audience how intimately he is bound up with both desire and writing.
L’Image fantome is a book that is comprised of sixty four sections all of which bear a title. Most of its pages are haunted by the ghosts of Roland Bathes, who is one of Guibert’s acquaintances from the la chamber Claire. From the feature, readers can see how the works of Roland Bathes par lui-meme exerted a significant level of influence on the writings of L’image fantome collection. Herve later confirmed these assumptions in an interview.