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For example in monotheistic business environment, a business is more likely to be favored in terms of business performance since it can manipulate market forces to its advantage. Share our Strength’s faces great competition from competitors and has only succeeded in that, it has continually applied strategic measures in all its important decisions.
Share our Strength’s performance has been termed as sterling by many business analysts. The chain of businesses has recorded an after taxes profit of above $1 million. By applying concepts like vendor managed inventories as well as just-in-time concept, Share our Strength’s has continued to maintain leadership in the wines and foods market in the US Share our Strength’s, endeavors to remain a low-cost retailer, and by that it has been very effective in maintaining market attractiveness. By all means, Share our Strength’s has achieved low cost retail prices something which has contributed to client faithfulness. This is core in terms of ensuring that, by utilizing this strategy, Share our Strength’s is able to save extra costs associated with poor planning. By keeping products and services as low as practically possible, Share our Strength’s can afford to lower prices since there are less expenditures. In long term this contributes to industry attractiveness.

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