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In order to achieve those organizational goals there should be a very good leadership style in organizational environment. There are many different leadership styles in the modern business world and almost every one of them has a particular reason or reasons for its existence. According to Burns (1978) transformational leadership has a set of category constructs such as values, morals, farsightedness, long term goals, principles, acute awareness about the dividing line between causes and symptoms, mission statements, strategic perspectives and human resources. Transformational leadership is primarily and immediately concerned with winning the support of those subordinates to achieve predefined organizational goals. While many such objectives are not realized in the short run due to a variety of reasons such as inadequate planning and wrong forecasts about cash flow, sales revenue and profits, there can be some recovery in the long term. Transformational leader seeks with fervent hope to inculcate a sense of responsibility and pride in achievements among the subordinates. A critical theoretical perspective that has been developed on this particular aspect looks at the transformational leader’s attitude towards hisher subordinates as power-sharing partners whose contribution to the productive process is rewarded with acknowledgment.

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