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Conflation of these concepts can be a very difficult proposition though such organizational contingencies existing within its operational environment could act as a compulsion to achieve such fusion so that legitimacy becomes an institutionalized organizational goal.
Financial reporting mechanisms and the connected objectivity perspectives have been questioned by researchers and analysts on the ground that organizations present such annual financial reports with a view to legitimizing their activities in the eyes of the society. This social obligation arguably reinvigorates the existing debate on the dichotomy between the legitimacy theory and reliable financial reporting as an organizational requirement. While theoretical underpinnings of accounting and financial reporting are concerned with professional impartiality and numerical accuracy as explicitly required under IAS, legitimacy of organizational behaviour in the food sector is determined by a series of endogenous and exogenous variables ranging from industry-centric environmental factors to national and supranational regulatory compulsions. Food industry-centric environment has been subject to a revolutionary paradigm shift in quality and safety. This evolving scenario of extreme choices has invariably predicated upon the stricter legitimacy-prone standards that are being witnessed in it today.