Compose a 2000 words essay on Should Floridas school resource officers be permitted to use Tasers on youth. Needs to be plagiarism free!
The task force should consult a legal expert and all the stake holders to be affected by the policy. The policy is most effective when those affected by the policy are consulted, are supportive and have the opportunity to consider and discuss the potential implications of the policy. The task force team should afterwards embark on the gathering of information, which concerns the flawed Taser law in the State, consulting various stakeholders that have been affected directly or indirectly by the law. The policy should then be drafted. In drafting the policy, should consider the various components and structure of the draft policy. In this draft policy, we have dealt with the statement of the policy , that is, the policy aims at ensuring that the citizens of the Florida state receives quality services as far as justice to criminal offenders are concerned. The policy should include. underpinning philosophy, objectives, actions to be taken, strategies, desired outcomes, performance indicators, management plan, and the review program.