Compose a 250 words essay on A proposal on how to reduce energy usage and thereby reduce carbon emissions in New York State. Needs to be plagiarism free!
The use of solar and wind energy in the state is quite insignificant, electrical energy from fossil fuels being the main source of energy for both residential and commercial use. The state, however, has a huge potential of using alternative, renewable energy sources including wind, solar and fuel wood (eRedux par 3).
The huge amount of fossil fuel used in the production of electrical energy in New York contributes significantly to the production of greenhouse gases, chiefly, carbon dioxide. On average, the New Yorker produces close to 11 tons of carbon dioxide annually from energy consumption (eRedux par 1). In total the state produces about 215 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, the 8th largest in the USA considering that most of the electrical energy is produced in the state comes from coal and natural gas. Considering that a huge amount of greenhouse gases come from the production of electrical energy in the state, there is need to ensure that solar and wind energy are used in large scale to reduce the high level of environmental degradation currently the case.