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However, given the drug courts currently in operation and the success with which they have operated to date it is clear that they are the future for drug related crime. According to the National Institute of Justice, “As of June 2010, there were over 2500 drug courts operating throughout the U.S. More than half of these target adult offenders. others address juvenile, child welfare and different court case types.” (National Institute of Justice, 2011)
Anything that can reduce crime while at the same time reducing the potential for recidivism of criminals and benefit the community at the same time is a positive approach within the modern criminal justice system. By integrating treatment programs into the sentencing of the individuals for the drug related crimes committed society will see a vast difference over time as well as the levels currently seen in the prison system will be reduced. According to one report, “A number of randomized and controlled experimental studies published in peer-reviewed journals have found that drug court graduates have significantly lower re-arrest rates…”(National Institute of Justice,