Compose a 250 words essay on Sandy Hook Evacuation plans. Needs to be plagiarism free!
Rousseau later hid most of the students into the bathroom before the shooter arrived in the classroom. Altimari, Mahony & Lender (2013) explained that Diane Day, the school therapist together with teachers and students withdrew to the gymnasium and locked the door. Most teachers while in hidden safety places protected the students and dialed 911 for help. Some teachers communicated through cell phones on the appropriate measures to evacuate students from the school.
The school bus driver together with some students ran to a nearby home for protection. The entire neighborhood after hearing the shootings in the school decided to offer help to the children. Some neighbors with cars drove into the school and rescued some students to safer areas outside the school (Altimari, Mahony, & Lender, 2013). Rick Throne, a custodian in the school, rescued six first-grade students to a nearby gas station before calling the police for help. The Newton police on arrival at the scene evacuated the survivors room by room. Altimari, Mahony & Lender (2013) demonstrated that the police escorted groups of teacher and students from the hiding places away from the school. Danbury Hospital ambulance arrived at the scene and evacuated the wounded patients to the hospital for treatment.