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Although international banks offer their services to both individuals and organizations, they tend to prefer conducting business with organizations and relatively wealthy individuals. On its part the money market was primarily introduced for the sake of trading in currency rate futures contracts as well as options. Essentially, currency futures were intended to realize a liberally traded exchange market that would promote trade across national borders. Therefore, the money market serves a number of functions that include lubricating central bank policies, financing trade, enhancing the self-sufficiency of commercial banks and facilitating profitable investments. From their roles and functions, it can be seen that international banking and money market are inextricably linked. With the opportunities and challenges presented by globalization and the global market, there are also benefits and hazards associated with international banking and money market. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the concept of international banking and money market focusing on the reasons for international banking, how international banking and money market functions and also highlight the hazards associated with the concepts.