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Dickens (1994) contends that the business case for managing diversity offers a way to operate equal opportunities as a strategic issue, a core value linked to organisational competitiveness. In order to improve quality and remain competitive a number of organisations have started offering qualification levels required for better acceptability in the industry. For example, McDonald’s has been given the authorisation to award their own qualifications equivalent to GCSEs, A levels and degrees, in subjects like fast-food restaurant management (BBC, 2008). Network Rail and Flybe are the other companies which have been granted such permission by Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA), to confer degrees and diplomas for preparing the workforce for a competitive tomorrow (Woolcock and Elliott, 2008). These are some of the pointers towards the increasing realisation that acquiring and upgrading the skills is not only very important for competitive strength of the company, but it is equally crucial for the individual to remain relevant to the industry. This study is therefore an effort to analyse the HR scenario in general and how UK is preparing the human resources for a better and competitive tomorrow.

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