Compose a 3750 words essay on GLOBAL ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT. Needs to be plagiarism free!
ell as markets as same products are being sold in different national markets, increased capital mobility – firms move more freely between countries, improved connectivity in terms of transport and telecommunication, deregulation (fewer business related laws and restrictions) and liberalisations (removal of trade restrictions). Formation of larger economies within the world economy, a very god example is the European Union (EU).
Free trade is always beneficial for the trading countries as it raises welfare and return is optimum. Then, why do countries go for protection? We concentrate our study on the infant industries and the consequence it faces in the face of global development. Global development also has its impact on businesses. The paper takes up two important aspects of business- Human resource management and research & development. Again, our motive is to access how these two aspects of business management and development helps in reducing the risks associated with global development. After establishing the effects of global development on businesses, we take up the two very aspects of marketing. A study of the consumer behaviour and the cultural aspects associated with it has been done in this paper.