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This has naturally raised a controversy and objections against the events being held in the park are increasing day by day. The London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) and the public and other groups have conflicting opinions regarding this. The LOCOG maintains that the park will be left relatively undamaged and will be restored to its original condition as much as possible, while the public, environmental groups, residents of the village, visitors to the park and even certain sports bodies, raise the objection that irrevocable damage will be done to the part if those events are held there. This paper is a review of the park in its existing glory and the impact that the Olympic events will have on the park. In the process, published literature on the issue will be reviewed and a survey conducted among the students who enjoy facilities of the park. The views of the LOCOG will also be taken into consideration for understanding their standpoint. The final section will be an opinion regarding the costs, impacts and benefits, if any, that will accrue if the events are held in Greenwich Park. The history of the park, the facilities available, and other relevant information regarding the park will also be reviewed here.

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