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As the years passed, I became more aware of New York City just an hour away. Here was the greatest mix of diversity in the world, yet strangely troubled by a melting pot that was boiling over. I was safe in my small white-collar bedroom community, so close and yet so far away. I was dismayed that the life of security I led was taken for granted, while people on my doorstep were struggling with the issues of crime, drugs, and alienation. I became ever more interested in trying to find a way to help the world politically, economically, and socially.
When 9/11 shook the planet it also rocked my world of safety and security. As I thought about the people who died in an attempt just to lead their daily lives, it drew me out of my complacency. The bravery of the rescue workers that lost their lives to save others would not be lost on me. Certainly there was something I could do with my future that could help prevent this tragedy from ever happening again. My experience with athletics had taught me that it aint over until its over. For me, my dedication to improving the conditions of the world around me had just begun.