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The dollar gains are present even when there is a decline in stocks of the United States. There has been a decade of low interest rates and easy money but the dollar has remained strong bringing back memories of the 1990s under President Clinton (Thomas 2).
During that time, the United Nations had good health systems and the currency favored travelling amongst the Americans and investors. However, with the current economy currency moves can be fleeting and deceptive. A push by the investors is favorable since it is a highlight of good performance. As long as the U.S is in constant growth and the rest of the world stays stagnant the dollar will remain strong. Having a strong dollar is not always a plus since it can hurt exports and stall economic growth. The success of economies can be puzzling. In the market economy, no one looks out for economic well being of the society as a whole. Market economies try to promote the overall economic well-being not just the currency (Mankiw 7).